SpecShield Ultrasonic Cleaners

Technologically Advanced Ultrasonic Cleaners by SpecShield.

SpecShield is a leading manufacturer and developer of ultrasonic cleaning technologies. Unlike most, SpecShield employs a full team of in house engineers to research and develop our ultrasonic transducers, all of which are manufactured in our ISO compliant facility. At SpecShield we specialize in large scale fully customizable industrial ultrasonic cleaning stations for all industries. We also offer the highest quality table top ultrasonic cleaners, drilling stations, welders, homogenizers and extraction systems.  All of our products feature innovative and industry leading transducers producing the highest ultrasonic quality along with innovative lid designs to enhance the user experience, power saving technologies, automation features, specialized transducer placements and state of the art touch screen controls with an onboard diagnostic system.  

Over the years SpecShield has been researching and developing ultrasonic generators and ultrasonic transducers to improve our performance and reliability. Our next-generation controllers come preloaded with our proprietary software that analyzes ultrasonic feedback in real time to ensure high levels of cavitation in process fluid, thus insuring consistent and high efficiency results.

Bath Power and Frequency – Most manufacturers today use power ratings as a marketing tool, and specify the power consumed by the device. This has little correlation with effective power. Bath performance is not directly proportional to power consumed. Unlike the heating elements which output as much as they consume, ultrasonic equipment operates on different principals of physics. These principals are about good coordination between electronic and mechanical components of ultrasonic equipment, such as smart generator electronics, properly calibrated mechanics, and physical properties of radiators. This coordination makes it possible to avoid losses during transfers, parasitic bending vibrations, heating and other interferences affecting equipment performance. The same is true in regard to ultrasonic frequency. It is commonly assumed that the higher a frequency is the more efficient ultrasonic cleaning will be, this is NOT the case. It has long been shown through experimentation that ultrasonic cavitation nearly stops at a frequency higher than 60kHZ; therefore cleaning quality is degraded and cleaning at this higher frequency is intensified only by acoustic flows (mixing), meaning no actual ultrasonic cleaning occurs. All SpecShield baths are set to clean at the commercial grade ultrasonic frequency of 25kHZ, unless alterative frequency is requested by the customer.

Our proprietary generators automatically adjust the ultrasonic power load in order to maximize cleaning power for a given processing fluid. Generators automatically account for density, temperature, level height and volume of the product loaded into the bath. Without these automatic controls, power could be to high for a cleaning solution and most of the ultrasonic energy will be consumed by self-heating of radiators along with general heat loss, rather than cleaning.

Digital monitoring and control of the ultrasonic processes leads to a higher performance factor, less power consumed, and a shorter treatment time. Our ultrasonic radiators demonstrate efficiency above 90%. While developing advanced equipment and innovative solutions, our engineers discovered that load feedback must be monitored and adjusted automatically to achieve optimal performance. When a bath is filled with solutions containing different viscosities, temperature ratings, physical and chemical properties, ultrasonic oscillations have to be adjusted to obtain maximum cavitation.

Built in protection for Dry Start operation

Dry start operation is strictly prohibited by all ultrasonic manufacturers. The term Dry start implies that a bath is turned on without any liquid solution. In most cases, this results in a breakdown of all components of the ultrasonic equipment, leading to extensive repair costs, typically not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Thankfully, SpecShield equipment features our load feedback control processor which prevents accidental operator error, and protects the equipment for up to 1 minute of dry run operation. In addition, our baths are designed to protect against overheating and short circuits.

External and internal customization of cleaning equipment

At SpecShield we have the ability to customize any piece of equipment to properly fit our customers specific requirements.

Some of the most common customizations include:

  • A stainless-steel loading basket sized to accommodate items to be cleaned
  • Stainless steel process tanks for washing with barbotage or drying features.
  • Positioning of ultrasonic radiators to maximize treatment efficiency
  • Tanks fitted with a variety of stands and beams for suspension
  • Install a swinging-system to swing immersed items
  • Pneumatic lid control
  • Proprietary spring-loaded lid

In some circumstances, standard cleaners may not properly fit into a room or the existing cleaning line. Our engineers are here assist you with the optimal configuration, design and to create a complete customized solution for your needs.

We produce multi-station lines and systems for ultrasonic cleaning. Our lines include full automation of the cleaning cycle and can be finished with a completely dry component if required for the manufacturing process. The configuration and number of cleaning units may differ based on the products being cleaned. For example, an ultrasonic cleaning line for optical and electronic components consists of up to 11-line items, but our specifically designed automated line for cleaning glass-forming equipment consists of 5-line items including the drying module.

Commercial Ultrasonic Bullet points:

  • Dry start protection
  • Automatic power control
  • Automatic frequency control
  • Soft Start and Soft Shutdown
  • On-board diagnostics

 -Piezoelectric transducers (ultrasonic radiators) are available in a variety of configurations, with one or two radiating surfaces.


Ultrasonic cleaning baths and ultrasonic technologies are used in a variety of applications. The most common being ultrasonic cleaning or washing. Ultrasonic cleaners and reactors are additionally used in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical, and food processing for various biotechnological processes’.  In these industries, SpecShield ultrasonic cleaning baths and ultrasonic reactors are very efficient for high quality mixing of liquids, including “immiscible” liquids such as oil and water to produce emulsion.  Chemical reactions in ultrasonic cleaning baths require much less time; moreover, surface etching for example is also more uniform, including in hard-to-reach cavities. Ultrasonic equipment is critical to several processes, such as extracting, suspending and degassing of liquids (removing of dissolved gases from).  For instance, you can make a good herbal infusion (extract) quite quickly with ultrasonic treatment in warm water, and all nutrients are preserved.

Some of the common ultrasonic cleaning applications:

  • Removal of solid and liquid films, oils, greases, pastes from solids.
  • Removal of metal and abrasive particles or dust
  • Removal of “soot” burning and caking
  • Removal of scale and flux removal
  • Removal of food remains such as salt, sugar, starch and protein
  • Cleaning of metals from corrosion products, including rust and scale
  • Cleaning of protective, preservative and resistant coatings as well as paint and varnish residues
  • Cleaning of fuel injectors
  • Cleaning of firearms, ammo, and accessories
  • Cleaning of collectables
  • Cleaning of draw dies, molds and stamps
  • Cleaning of diesel and gasoline engine parts
  • Cleaning of glass molds, bread pans
  • Cleaning of surgical, dental and other medical instruments
  • Cleaning of jewelry, precious metals and other valuable and collectable items
  • Cleaning of optical components

Ultrasonic cleaning for jewelry

Overtime, jewelry loses its shine and beauty. Rings, chains and pendants must be cleaned regularly to maintain the original look. Alloys of precious metals, especially high-carat golds, are soft and thus loose their shine and polish quite easily. Ultrasonic cleaning is very effective because ultrasound removes contamination even in the smallest cavities. After being cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, jewelry takes on its original appearance.

SonoClean Ultrasonic Cleaners

Our SonoClean series baths are designed for high-quality cleaning and removal of mechanical impurities, grease, oil and carbon residue from various parts and components, as well as for cleaning openings and cavities that are hard to reach.

SonoClean baths are also used to make emulsions out of immiscible liquids, extract nutrients from medicinal herbs into liquids, and substantially accelerate and improve impregnation quality.

SpecShield baths operate at 25kHz; where cavitation energy is much greater than at frequencies such as 35kHZ or 44kHZ. Ultrasonic radiators with 25kHZ are quite expensive expensive and difficult to produce, for this reason most manufacturers settle for higher, less powerful frequencies.

At Specshield we always use the highest quality components for our products. Most components are manufactured in house, including our electronic boards and ultrasonic transducers. We source our steel from one of the best European stainless-steel manufacturers in Italy, and all of our LCD screens come from renowned Japanese manufacturer Omron.

SonoClean ultrasonic baths are all equipped with the same advanced digital processor controls used in our industrial line.

If your application specifically calls for a higher frequency cleaner, please contact us and we will install the required transducer in your bath. 

Commercial Ultrasonic process lines and systems.

SpecSheild specializes in manufacturing state of the art commercial ultrasonic cleaning solutions ranging from 15-20,000 liters or more. We offer custom tailored solutions for each customer and their respective industries.  All equipment carries a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty and optional extended coverage plans.

All manufacturing is completed in house, thus allowing us the flexibility to offer any size, custom materials and or radiator placement, variable frequency transducers and more.

Our SonoHD and SonoPRO lines of ultrasonic solutions are equipped with industry leading diagnostics software. This allows the user to painlessly troubleshoot their equipment; if one of the transducers needs to be replaced the software will pinpoint its location. Our support team will provide the replacement transducer. The diagnostic software is also useful in order to check that all transducers are operational, and the cleaning process is running at maximum performance.  Our tanks feature a continued operation circuitry design, if one of the transducers is malfunctioning the user can use the bath and continue operations until we replace the broken radiator.  Our proprietary automated software will make the proper adjustments in order to compensate for the issue, the user will most likely not notice any operational changes.

Heavy and hard to clean contaminations may be removed by a multi positional process line, which consists of the following modules:

  • An ultrasonic cleaning bath where the oil film and other surface contaminations are destroyed and the bulk of them are removed.
  • A rinse bath to remove the residual contaminants by rinsing, including particles from the surface of the cleaning solution that have stuck to the item without adhesion when the item is removed from the solution. The rinse bath may be either an ultrasonic bath or a bubble bath where items are rinsed by liquid mixed with compressed air.
  • A hot air dryer.
  • A robotized or semi-automatic handling/transfer mechanism for loading baskets.
  • Filtration systems for process solutions.

Ultrasonic cleaning baths, ultrasonic process lines and ultrasonic systems for various process purposes will be designed, manufactured and customized by the experienced team of SpecShield LLC to meet your production requirements. Prior to delivery, the equipment is fully assembled, set-up and ready for use. 

For more details please contact us at:

805 375-0061