About Us

Shield Ultrasonic is a leading manufacturer and developer of ultrasonic cleaning technologies. Unlike most, Shield Ultrasonic employs a full team of in house engineers to research and develop our ultrasonic transducers, all of which are manufactured in our ISO compliant facility. At Shield Ultrasonic we specialize in large scale fully customizable industrial ultrasonic cleaning stations for all industries. We also offer the highest quality table top ultrasonic cleaners, drilling stations, welders, homogenizers and extraction systems. All of our products feature innovative and industry leading transducers producing the highest ultrasonic quality along with innovative lid designs to enhance the user experience, power saving technologies, automation features, specialized transducer placements and state of the art touch screen controls with an onboard diagnostic system.

Over the years Shield Ultrasonic has been researching and developing ultrasonic generators and ultrasonic transducers to improve our performance and reliability. Our next-generation controllers come preloaded with our proprietary software that analyzes ultrasonic feedback in real time to ensure high levels of cavitation in process fluid, thus insuring consistent and high efficiency results.